Frequently Asked
Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the bot, as well as the answers

Who do I report staff to?

If you believe you were treated unfairly, staff acted unprofessionally, or not to your standards, please use the ?report command. Reporting the same staff, over and over, will result in you being banned for false accusations. Please only report them if it's legitimate.

Bot is offline/unresponsive, help?

Please look at our outages channel for all up-to-date information on the operations and/or service of our bot. If the bot is offline and/or unresponsive then a member of the development team will post frequent updates throughout. Any outage with the bot is unforeseen, we ask for patience while we try to fix said issue, once online, we suggest you run the ping command!

I need help with the bot, it won't work?

If you need support, please react with the Durchie logo in the create-ticket channel to open a support ticket with our staff members! Your ticket will be answered as soon as possible!

Bot responds with an error message when running commands?

Most of the time it means that it is missing permissions, make sure to use the invite link and grant permissions: Invite

How do I start a giveaway?

Giveaways can now be created and started in any channel! This is a massive improvement because beforehand the command would have to be executed in the channel you wanted to host in, no longer! Here is the command to start giveaways: ?create <channel> <duration> <winners> <prize> - you also no longer need to include the "w" in the 'winners' argument!
Last modified 7mo ago